Get your driver’s license back fast

Fast and accurate alcohol and drug assessments competitively priced at $150

Here is the exact procedure to get your driver’s license renewed after a suspension, or revocation.

1) First, you will receive notice from the Secretary of State, usually in the form of a letter, indicating that you are eligible to have your license reviewed in front of a review hearing officer.

2) This letter will indicate that you will need a Driver’s License Assessment, and that’s where we come in. Please contact us to make an appointment

3) Please bring a complete copy of your Michigan driving records to the assessment. If you do not have access to your records at the time of your appointment, we’ll ask you to tell us the what’s on your record to the best of your ability. We strongly advise all of our clients to make an effort to come prepared; having accurate and comprehensive information is the best way to make sure reinstatement process flows quickly and effectively. We also suggest you download the NEEDS Survey below and have it completed when you arrive for your assessment:

Download NEEDS Survey (PDF)

4) During your assessment you’ll be asked a variety of questions that will help us determine your readiness to have your license reinstated. Additionally you will be asked to perform a written test that will also help us determine your readiness to have your license reinstated. The assessment interview in full takes about an hour to complete and the price is $150.

5) Once the interview is over, it will take 10 days to receive your completed assessment in the mail. At this time you can call the Secretary Of State to set up an appointment with the Review Hearing Board.

For your review hearing to go smoothly you’re going to also need:

  • Three reference letters from trusted friends, a sponsor or any one who can verify your sustained commitment to recovery.
  • An attendance sheet that verifies your participation with recovery based support groups like AA or NA.
  • A 12-panel urinalysis with lab results to verify your continued sobriety.

We are here to help if you have any question about this process please feel free to:

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